An Owners Perspective
"Customer perception of value cannot be easily created with well-manicured turf and fine facilities alone. Consistent commitment to service and attention to market trends are vital in our industry…Today more than ever our goal is to make the experience of every member and guest a memorable one from 'Bag drop' to '19th Hole'."
--Christopher R. Schiavone, Metropolitan Golf Group

Proven Innovative Management
Metropolitan Golf Group's golf courses and country clubs succeed because our strategy is demanding, innovative and thorough.

We begin with extensive market research to determine a property's potential. Then we design comprehensive business and marketing plans that impose controls on expenses, set revenue goals, and determine whether additional capital investment is necessary.

Seasoned professionals move swiftly to improve value, largely through operational changes. We focus on membership marketing, agronomy, pro-shop merchandising and services ranging from food and beverage to tennis and pool amenities. These improvements are made simpler through Metropolitan Golf Group's own synergies, as we draw on our experience managing similar golf courses and country clubs.

Our Goal is Relatively Simple
Making our properties excel by using the considerable resources at our command.

People who Specialize in Customer Enjoyment
You have to meet our courteous, highly trained personnel to appreciate them. They have just one mission - making the experience at our golf courses and country clubs as enjoyable as possible for every member and guest.

That means prompt, high-energy service with a warm welcome that consistently brightens the day - even when a golfer's score is way over par. It also means a highly organized operation that's flexible enough to anticipate the needs - long before they become problems.

To meet these high expectations, all our employees are screened for winning attitudes and exceptional hospitality skills. They also undergo comprehensive training at Metropolitan Golf Group's standards and operating policies to ensure a consistent, high quality of customer service. In addition, we emphasize self-reliance - the ability for employees of any rank or level of experience to step in quickly to respond to on-the-job needs, as if they were owners.

How we Create Value
Others might not be able to recognize a property's true value, but we specialize in hidden potential. We stay attuned to market conditions and use highly selective screening process that focuses only on acquisitions that show the sort of promise that can benefit from our proven management skills.

Our Strategies Include the Fundamentals
Our strategies include:

  • Implementing Metropolitan Golf Group's service standards
  • Imposing expense controls
  • Marketing aggressively
  • Initiating prudent capital investments
  • Realizing synergies and economies of scale
  • Determining responses to market demand and capacity


Recognizing which property is ripe for expansion, perhaps to a-la-carte dining or to weddings, banquets and special events…Knowing which special market niche or cutting edge industry trend should be pursued…Realizing which of a property's services can best benefit from our synergies.

Metropolitan Golf Group's comprehensive strategy produces results. Membership sales, revenue per round and customer satisfaction usually rise significantly once we institute change.